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To mend oneself is to heal.

Every droplet that lands in the water creates a wave, and the current of the water is forever changed. How can we learn to feel joy and love in that new current? 

Operating out of Philadelphia and the Main Line, we are available for online therapy services for all Pennsylvania residents.


It’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are feeling overwhelmed.

You’re smart, motivated, and have always imagined great things for yourself but at every turn there seemed to be some obstacle holding you back. This feeling of stuckness can come out in a multitude of ways. Maybe you've had these thoughts:

  • Finding stability in my relationships feels impossible. I don’t know what a healthy relationship looks like, and it feels out of reach.

  • My parents never liked to talk about their emotions. Now when I have conflicts with my partner or with my friends, I always say the wrong thing, or I can’t put my feelings into the right words. 

  • Even though I try my best, it still feels like I can never get everything done. When I can’t do something, or I do it wrong, I feel like a failure. 

  • I can’t shake the feeling that I have to succeed in order to have worth in this world. If I am not working toward something, I begin to flounder.

  • I can imagine the perfect life for myself, but it always feels like I am held back by my own mistakes. I constantly agonize over what I could have done differently and about what I regret from my past. It’s hard to see how I can move past what’s bothering me right now. 

If so, we're here to help.
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Our counselors feel a purpose in serving those whose life stories mirror their owns--in both the beautiful ways and the tragic ones.

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Trauma Therapist Philadelphia The Mending Space - Image shows an LCSW who is certified in EMDR

Each client is unique.

That’s why we believe in tailored approaches

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About Us

About Us

Feeling stuck or trapped can feel like one of the hardest things to overcome–in your career, in relationships, and in life. How can one navigate through this mess without having an idea of a way forward?


The counselors at The Mending Space can provide clarity for you as you begin to unravel or piece together the parts of you that feel broken or torn. Our therapists have lived experience of perfectionism, of trauma, of overwhelm, and we have learned how to help others move past this to live full and beautiful lives. 

The Mending Space works holistically around a trauma-informed approach, which you can learn more about here.

But we work within this framework in several ways. Check out how EMDR therapy can help you work through old wounds, or how grief-focused therapy can help you to understand new ones. The Mending Space works with women, teens, LGBTQIA+ folks and couples with their relationship issues, their own identities and ways to untangle the knots that might be holding them back from their full potential. Reach out today to learn more.

Some people are looking for specific clinical approaches, which is why we list them here, but it’s okay if you don’t understand what these are right now. We’re not expecting you to pick one. We will individualize your treatment to your needs. After we understand more about your issue, we can decide together what approach to counseling would work best.

How we'll work together

The Process
Pennsylvania Trauma Therapist Teenagers Mental Health Therapy Philadelphia
You fill out this contact form and or call (610) 756-9880

and leave a message telling us your name, phone number, and a description of your concern. Either way, someone from Mending Space will call you back within 24 hours. If you need help immediately, please call the Pennsylvania Crisis Line at 1-855-284-2494.

An intake counselor calls you back.

The call will last about 15 minutes. The counselor asks questions. You’ll ask questions. If you like what you hear, the counselor will schedule a telehealth therapy session with the therapist who is best able to help you. If there’s a particular therapist you wish to see, we can accommodate that.

A therapist conducts the first session.

The therapist asks you questions about your background and your issue. You talk about what your goals are regarding the issue. It’s very conversational. There’s nothing to prepare. Your comfort and feeling of safety in conversation with us is our highest priority.

The therapist develops a tailored plan for your treatment.

This may happen at the first session or after the first session. The therapist shares the plan with you for your feedback and agreement.

You schedule additional treatments.

If you feel connected to your therapist, they will schedule additional appointments with you, and provide a GFE (Good Faith Estimate) that shows to the best of their expertise how many sessions you can expect to utilize to complete your mental health treatment. Have questions? Your therapist is there to make things feel more clear. 

Our Therapists

Our Therapists

Privacy & Ethical Standard

Your Privacy

Confidentiality is critically important to us, and we use processes to ensure you and your data stay private. This is one of the reasons we choose to stay out-of-network, as insurance companies require us to provide information to them about your diagnosis and treatment. Being out-of-network enables us to give you a greater level of privacy, and it reduces the paperwork our clinicians have to do and, therefore, the cost you have to pay.


All of our therapists are licensed professions who adhere to their highest license requirements.


Read about the ethical code we follow here.

Mental Health Service


Our services are fee-for-service, which means you pay us out-of-pocket when the services are delivered. Some insurance plans cover these services. If yours does, you will prepare a form for you to submit to your insurance company to potentially receive reimbursement. Payment of fees is expected at the time of each appointment unless other arrangements have been made with your counselor. We request that payment be made before your session begins.


It is important that you contact your insurance provider before your first appointment to determine if you need to have pre-approval for your sessions. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this procedure.


We accept checks, Venmo, PayPal, and all major credit cards including medical flex spending account cards. If you have a credit card on file with us, you can expect for your account to be billed on the Monday following your session.


Please note that we are also willing to negotiate our fees when necessary and appropriate. Let us know if you need more information regarding reduced fees and alternate payment options.

Contact Us

Get Started

To get started, fill out this form or call (610) 756-9880 to leave a message.

Either way, an intake counselor will call you back within 24 hours.

Thanks for submitting!
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