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Trauma Therapy

Why Can't I Move Past this?

Though it may not feel like it to you, your difficult experiences (and the way you’ve learned to react to them!) can be directly correlated to the way you feel waking up every morning. Trauma-informed care has become the leading solution to effective therapy, because it can give meaning to the parts of you you may not like about yourself. There is a reason you shut down, or get overwhelmed thinking about school or work. Clinicians at the Mending Space takes a holistic approach when reacting to trauma, noticing the effects of it on your body and giving you the tools to move past this stuckness that you might feel trapped in.

If you’re noticing: 

  • Always feeling on edge or panicky

  • Feeling unmotivated to complete your tasks for the day

  • Having a short temper with the people who love you

  • Struggling with having good communication in your closest relationships

  • Not sleeping enough, having nightmares, or sleeping TOO much

  • Constant thoughts about difficult experiences you have gone through


Then ask your mental health professional about trauma-focused therapy, and how they can integrate those tools into your healing. The professionals at The Mending Space all have different talents in the way that they integrate trauma into their practice, but as a whole we always focus on trauma and the way that it takes a hold of your body and mind. Reach out now to get more information about how we can help. 

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