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Therapy for Teens

Helping navigate the confusion

Adolescence in itself can be a traumatic experience. Developmentally you are in a consistent transition, learning how to navigate independence while still seeing the world as a child would. Perhaps your child is struggling to feel motivated to go school, or has begun to use drugs or alcohol as a way to navigate some difficult life stuff—divorce, bullying, difficult relationships with family members. Maybe they do everything right, but something still seems off. 


The good news is that as adolescents we are still in some of the most resilient times of our lives. With the right support, the experiences we’ve had don’t have to be carried with us like a weight on our shoulders. Our developing brain gives us the capacity to heal, faster and more efficiently than if we started therapy in adulthood. This means that, whatever it is that your adolescent is going through, there is a path forward to helping them heal. 


Please reach out if you are worried about your teenager, or if you just want to better understand them and what’s going on in their world. The Mending Space can help.

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