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Therapy for LGBTQIA+ Folks

Helping you to feel safe & at ease

The experience of growing up in a heteronormative world when you don’t fit the mold is traumatic in itself, and finding a therapist who both understands the experience of those who are gender and sexuality-diverse can sometimes feel impossible. So much of one’s life and experiences can be colored by their identity and culture, and The Mending Space works with clients by acknowledging the ways that society contribute to the oppression of queer and gender-diverse individuals. 


Perhaps your lived experiences and the difficulties you face have a lot to do with navigating this world as an LQBTQIA+ person, or perhaps you simply are an LGBTQIA+ person who wants to feel heard and understood by their therapists. Either way, reach out and talk to us about what you are noticing and how you would like to be helped.

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