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Laura Farrell, MSS, LSW

I focus on somatic healing, how one can regulate their body’s response to stress and trauma. I believe embodiment to be a crucial piece of healing work. How can we feel more embodied as individuals? More present and more aware? Oftentimes we are stuck re-animating old wounds before we can properly understand and treat them, learning to regulate the nervous system creates access to deeper healing, understanding of self and one’s connection to intuition. 

I use a relational lens, and therefore each session looks different based upon the client’s needs and experience.  I also recognize that I bring my specific identity and experiences into the space and I own those experiences and identities. There are many ways of processing; intellectually with the mind, through feeling with the heart, and by learning to listen to our gut, building intuition. My work explores the connection between these three parts of self, while finding ways to understand how the body carries one’s experiences. In healing work, it is important to find ways to make meaning of our experiences, while also regulating our affect. I use tools around co-regulation in my work.

Since graduating, I have worked as a grief counselor, I have worked as a trauma therapist in a substance use program, I have worked in housing programs, mental health programs and at an art college as a therapist to young artists. I have worked with people from all age groups, from age 4 to 95! My scope of experience allows me to meet the client where they are, with varying needs, neurodivergences, addictions, abilities, experiences they are grieving or that have left them traumatized.

I am an avid reader and life-time learner and am constantly exploring new theories, healing modalities, and content around care work.  My practice is trauma informed, and while I do not believe we can guarantee safety to anyone, I work with clients to create safer spaces that feel real and honor the many experiences an individual may be navigating. To me, the most important thing is to care and love one another. My work is rooted in care and love for humanity and the goal of betterment of our society as a whole, starting with the way we treat ourselves. When I am not working, I enjoy taking long walks, being in nature, spending time with my loved ones, creating and viewing art of all kinds, and writing. In addition to working as a therapist I write about therapy modalities and healing. My creativity inspires my practice.  In our work together, I hope to find a space of co-regulation, in which you can deepen your connection to your intuition, and more deeply learn to trust yourself, while healing from loss, grief, and trauma. 


I offer a free 15 minute consultation at which time we can further discuss what our work together will look like. I look forward to hearing from you and beginning our work together!

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