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Cameron Cready-Pyle, MSW, LCSW

Hey! My name is Cameron and I am a licensed therapist who specializes in trauma and interpersonal relationships. Outside of that? I get genuinely excited about living close to multiple libraries, have a cat that’s larger than my dog, and genuinely can’t stop eating cheez-its (seriously, it’s a problem). Self-care for me looks like time with my partner of 10 years, trivia nights in the city with my friends and writing whenever and whatever I can. More embarrassingly? A lot of Netflix dating shows. My toxic traits are being chilly all the time, caring about a sense of humor more than anything, and not ever being ready in time to make the Halloween costume that I’d been dreaming of. 


My journey with therapy started with a pair of supportive parents who were willing to get their 5th grader into therapy when she asked. I was intensely anxious, had been experiencing intrusive thoughts and noticed that every day felt like running a marathon. Having someone there so early in my life who genuinely understand that what I was going through was *real* was what inspired me to become a therapist. More specifically, though, I became enamored with helping women navigate their relationships, their dreams, and their fears because it was all a part of what I had to do to get to where I was. Did I always know how to set a boundary? Did I realize that my worth wasn’t tied up in what I could do for other people? Absolutely not. But learning this changed my life, and I wanted to help others navigate that journey too. 


I have worked with trauma in almost every context, and when understanding it theoretically no longer feel like enough, I became certified in EMDR so that I could help others face it head on and actually *heal* from it. There is nothing more liberating than shedding that weight from your shoulders, and I get to see clients benefit from it every day. Along with my trauma experience, I have helped many work through the woes of their interpersonal relationships. Mothers and daughters, friends, and especially couples. I utilize the Gottman Method of couples counseling and help clients find their best self in their relationships, honing in on communication, good and bad conflict, and how to realize your own happiness in your relationships. If any of this speaks to you, feel free to reach out. I offer a free 15-minute consultation to see if we could work well together. 

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