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Couples Therapy

When the trouble is how to talk to each other

There are so many relationships in our lives–our parents, our friends, our partners. Beyond that there are in-laws, work friends, bosses, and our children. This life we lead is relational, and when it feels like we’re stuck with relationships that feel toxic or stressful, all of the rest of the pieces of our lives can be affected. Whether you are in a relationship that feels like a rollercoaster, struggle with intimacy and trust because of previous hurt, or just would like help navigating how to establish boundaries and create healthy communication, The Mending Space can help.

Relationship or Couples Therapy can be provided with both parties if they are willing and ready, but if you want to learn how to have healthy relationships that work can also be done in individual therapy. Contact The Mending Space and let them know what it is that you want your relationships to look like and we can determine the best fit for you. 

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